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I have been personally involved in ensuring that East Garrison is a success and I believe that Urban Community Partners is responsible for much of the public support, good planning principles and the positive direction in which this new community is headed. We consider East Garrison to be a model for good planning and development in Monterey County, and I firmly believe that the efforts of both Ian Gillis and Keith McCoy have helped to change the way we plan and develop in Monterey County for the better.

— Dave Potter, Supervisor, District 5, Monterey County California

Perched on a bluff with expansive views of the Salinas Valley and on land that was formerly part of the Fort Ord Army Base in Monterey County, East Garrison is a new Mixed Use, Mixed Income New Urbanist master planned community. The Vision for East Garrison was the result of an extensive public planning process that resulted in unanimous approvals and broad community support.

East Garrison is Monterey County’s largest redevelopment project and is currently being developed in a “Public/Private” partnership with the County of Monterey. The Smart Growth master plan is compact, walkable and includes a mix of housing types, parks, mixed use town center, public transit, historic buildings being revitalized as an arts district, cultural and educational activities.

UCP Role

  • Equity Partners, Project Managers
  • Land Transaction, Public process, Vision, Entitlements, proforma development

Community Facts

  • Mixed Use/Mixed Income Military Base Reuse, Traditional Neighborhood Development (New Urbanist Design)
  • 244 Acres
  • 1470 Residential units
  • 105,000 s.f. mixed use town center
  • 65,000 s.f. Historic Arts District
  • Fire Station, Library, Parks & Recreational
  • Public/Private Partnership


  • Fully approved

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